Basically, the scent could work as a reminder, bringing the aroma therapy value, creating a personal atmosphere of various environments, and transferring your attention away from unpleasant odors.

The VOS project consists of heart-rate monitoring compression smart shirt, transmitter, tray and scent diffusing cartridge. The user could set up their personal workout menu and coordinate it with their scent preference. They can determine the scent setting being diffused via smartphone. 

Have you ever experienced bad odors while working out in the gym and felt too embarrassed to say something or move to a different machine, forcing yourself to power through your workout? Nowadays, people are doing a variety of activities while working out and looking for many ways to enhance their workout experience. They watch TV or read a book making their workout feel less tedious. Listening to energetic music gives them a boost.  Fitness garments, accessories, gadgets, could also give them a plus on their workout. People don’t often tap into olfactory experiences, which present many opportunities that can be applied to their exercise routine.

If there were a design that could apply scent to create an ideal workout environment, invigorate people while working out, work as a relaxant during the break, and provide control over your sense of smell, then the workout experience would be enhanced.

As a scent topic, there are either eliminating odors or enhancing the olfactory experience two aspects, however, after discussing with the instructor, we both agreed that enhancing the experience can open up more possibilities. Therefore, based on the design opportunity map, I came up with multiple design directions, from branding, 

service, public facility, equipment to personal goods. After interviewing and user testing, I finally arrived on the personal goods direction since it's more beneficial
to individual.

Based on my research and persona, here are three effects explained in a simple way
that I could provide to my target audiences through the design:

Office Worker - using scent to create mood/environment to mentally transport them somewhere else
ex. Running on the treadmill such as next to the ocean, forest. or even in another city, feel good and less tedious.
Professional Performer using scent as a stimulant to improve performance, creates competitive edge
ex. Specific scent to boost the performance, and also to provide a therapeutic aspect when resting.
Fitness Novice using scent to trick the mind and change their dietary experience 
ex. Drinking Sparkling water with the Coke scent without sugar, helping them to suppress their craving of unhealthy food / drink.

Final refinement was done after a design presentation, feedback was analyzed and issues were taken into consideration. The main issues are about the size of the scent diffusing transmitter, business cycle and user experience. The design that was done in design phase was too thick and bulky. 

Also, the refill in the tiny section of the cartridge process was considered a hassle and reduced the opportunity of the business cycle. Therefore, I decided to redesign the configuration of the transmitter and scent cartridges, make it more iconic while incorporating them into the workout compression shirt.

It’s suggested that the moderate workout time should not be longer than one hour unless you’re the professional bodybuilder. Throughout my experiment, I found out that  5mL of water is enough for USB diffuser to diffuse around one hour constantly.Therefore I designed  each cartridge to contain around 1 milliliter, total 6 mL that is enough to 

diffuse constantly for a one hour workout routine. Of course, it may last longer for the next workout with interim usage. Also, it figures the six main factors that I addressed in my topic.