Type Forms // Project 1 
Type Specimen Poster Series

Design three informational posters, each about a chosen typeface. The posters should work together as a set, but each one will present and promote only one type category. Choose three from the list of the first eight Vox type classifications. You may use Lineale as a single category or you can do a series of three posters on subcategories of Lineale. 

Your solutions must be primarily typographic. In addition to listing the full character set, you may also use a phrase to show the letters in use—it is more interesting to look at a poster with a title than just a list of letters. Use different scale of type size and negative space in your composition to create dynamic layouts. 

You can use black plus one spot color. You may use percentage values of the black, but not of the spot color. Use approved typefaces that are representative of the classification. Research text on the chosen typeface, such as the designer or the foundry, to give some background information.

Vox List of Type Classifications 
• Humanist
• Garalde
• Transitional
• Didone
• Slab serif
• Lineale
   – Grotesque
   – Neo-grotesque
   – Geometric
   – Humanist
• Glyphic
• Script

• 11 x 17 inches, either Vertical
or Horizontal 
• Black + 1 Spot Color 
• No images, type only


























































Type Forms // Project 2 
Typography Card Set

You are going to design a set of typography cards, each showing a typeface from the Vox Type Classifications. You should have 11 cards in the set, one for each in the list, including the subset of Lineale category. You will also design three additional cards—Cover, Table of Contents, and Colophon—giving you a total of 14 cards. 

You will use a pangram to display the typeface—pangrams are phrases that contain all the letters in the alphabet. For example, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” You may also want to use a common letter in both upper and lowercase, as a comparison between all the typefaces. You should also include the name of the typeface and the category it is in, as well as the name of the designer or foundry. Create a typographic hierarchy with all the information so there are different scales in type sizes. 

Include the following information in each of the 11 cards: 
• a pangram
• an upper and lowercase of a letter
• the typeface, classification and the designer or foundry
• a folio 

For the Cover, include the following: 
• a title (could use the pangram, or the common letter, or the Vox List)
• a design credit line for yourself

• 3.5 x 5 inches, either vertical or horizontal 
• 14 cards total 
• Black + 1 Spot Color 
• No images, type only


Computer Draft